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Funmi Atilola
Funmi Atilola
00:46 14 Aug 19
Superior service! Northeast Property Restoration performed mold remediation in the basement of my new home. They were quick to come in and provide a quote; I also spoke to Dane a couple of times on the phone, and he answered all my questions and gave great advice. Though Northeast’s quote was a little higher than the other contractors that came in to quote on the work, I was comfortable going with them, because I felt like they knew what they were talking about, and I wanted the best service for my home. Steve and Chris worked on my house on the first day, they arrived on time and were very courteous; Steve continued the work alone for the rest of the service period. Steve was very friendly, polite, professional, and knowledgeable. He answered my questions and would call me and send pictures to keep me updated. He removed the wall and flooring with the mold, repaired the wall, and did a great job with painting to make everything look new again. He also went above and beyond to help me complete a quick fix to the window damage that was causing the moisture/water in my basement because the contractor who was coming to fix the window couldn’t make it in until a few days later. Steve completed the work a day before what was scheduled, which was great! I will be recommending Northeast to my friends or anyone who needs their service. Thank you so much for a stress-free experience and for outstanding service!read more
Conor Spagnollli
Conor Spagnollli
12:20 02 Aug 19
Responsive, meticulous and very thorough. Took hardwood floors that were 50+ years old and not maintained and made to look new. Reliable and met my needs as detailed in quoting process. HIGHLY Recommendread more
bryan musk
bryan musk
00:31 22 Jul 19
Great customer service. They are very transparent in sharing what services they can provide and what you really need done to properly remediate. Pricing is competitive compared to the other remediation companies in the more
David Barrett
David Barrett
11:00 20 May 19
We had mold damage in our home after our pump line broke and water ruined our entire Basment. The teamwork and consideration for our stuff blew me away!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants the best quality services in the more
Timothy Broadwell
Timothy Broadwell
12:15 10 May 19
Dustin and his team did an excellent job. They were very professional and very quick. They were upfront and open about what they were doing and why. They were thoughtful about our children and their safety. They even put a new light bulb in the utility room for us! Good work guys!read more
Luke Apgar
Luke Apgar
00:36 23 Mar 19
Referred a friend of mine from the fire department to these guys because they do amazing work and after they did the work they sent me 100 bucks these guys are awesome refer your friends people it’s worth it put a little cash in your pocket and let you know you’re putting your friends in good handsread more
Brian Bloss
Brian Bloss
04:22 11 Jan 19
A very professional team was dispatched to our home and did an outstanding more
Luke Silver
Luke Silver
12:19 02 Jan 19
Dustin and Dane are great, they come in and do what they say they are going to do. When we need testing or mold remediation they are our first call. They have also helped us with several community projects! In my opinion it speaks volumes as to what kind of company they are and character they possess. I highly reccomend these guys!read more
James Kennedy
James Kennedy
17:42 27 Nov 18
Northeast Restoration was great to me and my family. They are very educating and thorough and helped me get through the process I highly recommend them for any of your restoration needs in the future. Thanks guys !read more
Jon Smith
Jon Smith
19:39 26 Nov 18
Awesome company to work with. I had a water leak in one of my NY rental properties. These guys responded quickly, they were professional and they left no mess whatsoever. They will be my go to guys for anything NY related from now more
Maggie Shell
Maggie Shell
17:29 17 Oct 18
Excellent Company!! Explained the entire process in extreme detail.They went above and beyond to help me and my family with our flooded basement that turned moldy. Would recommend to anyone that needs their more
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Mold Removal in Montrose PA

Mold Removal Montrose PA | Mold will grow anywhere there is moisture and the perfect amount of humidity. Water leaks and flooding need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, do not hesitate! Mold can start to grow within 48 to 72 hours. Time is of the essence! 

Our fully licensed mold remediation company and technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year.   Call us today so we can remove and remediate your mold related issues. Not in the Union Dale area check out all of our other servicing areas. 


What To Do When You Find Mold

Until the professional arrives the homeowner can can slow or stop the mold damage by doing the following:
  • Repair any plumbing leaks, water issues, and dry-out the affected area
  • Turn on dehumidifiers and reduce humidity to 30-60%
  • Small areas of hard surfaces can be cleaned with dish detergent and water but the pros have the proper procedures to cure your problem
  • Do not pick up any items affected with mold, this can stir it up and send the mold spores throughout your home

Understanding the Procedure

The Mold Removal Process Needs to be Done Correctly to Ensure Safety:
  • Contain the Area
  • PPE
  • HEPA Vacuum
  • Remove
  • Apply Antimicrobial
  • Clean the Air

Best Mold Removal Experts of Montrose PA

Northeast Property Restoration is the best mold removal company of  Montrose. We offer free inspections and estimates where we provide you with expert information on your home’s mold situation.   

Montrose, PA  is located in Susquehanna County with a  18801 area code. A popular point of interest near our area of service includes the Endless Brewing.

More Service  Areas:

Broome County, Tioga County, Tompkins County, Cortland County, Susquehanna County, Lakawanna County, Chenango County and more!

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