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Real estate mold guide

Real Estate Mold Guide

Real Estate Mold Guide | Are you thinking about selling your property? If so, do your research and hire a professional home inspector to evaluate your home before you place it on the market. No one wants to be blindsided by a buyers home inspection report showing multiple issues, especially that the property may have mold. 

Don’t panic! This is a common issue in the real estate market here in Upstate NY. Below are the steps to take if mold is found at your property. 

Know the Law

Research to see if your state has specific mold laws in place. 

In NYS the Mold Program is responsible for enforcing Article 32. The Mold Program establishes licensing requirements and minimum work standards for professionals engaged in mold assessment and remediation.

The law protects consumers by barring licensed mold companies from doing both the assessment and remediation.

know the mold laws

Are Homeowners Required to Clean up Mold?

cleaning mask mold

Research your states requirements. 

In NYS there is no cleanup requirement for property owners. However, if a property owner chooses to hire a mold professional, those professionals must follow the requirements of the law.

The decision to not cleanup mold can impact a real estate transaction. The home buyers may want proof of a healthy home. Lenders may also require a mold assessment to be performed to qualify for mortgages. 


Have your home thoroughly inspected by a home inspector or if you see visible mold growth contact a Mold Assessor to perform an inspection. 

First, determine & fix the source of the mold growth. 

Once the Mold Assessor puts together a mold report contact a Mold Remediation Contractor to provide an inspection and estimate. Then have them remediate the mold. 

The Mold Assessor will provide you with a clearance report after remediation. This report can be sent to the buyer to show them that the mold was remediated properly.  

selling home mold


buying home mold

Have your prospective property thoroughly inspected by a home inspector. Our advise DO NOT waive the home inspection. 

If mold is present use it as a point of negotiation. If the seller is going to take care of the issue make sure they follow the mold laws of the state. 

You can request copies of the remediation documentation and the Mold Assessors clearance report. 


Mold does not have to ruin your real estate deal. Educating your buyers and sellers is key.

  • Educate yourself on the mold laws in your state. 
  • Have a Home Inspector, Mold Remediation Contractor, and Mold Assessor that you can trust and refer to your clients.
  • Verify that these professionals have the proper licensing & certifications.
realtors mold

Don't Stress

Don’t Stress! Finding mold in a property is very common in NYS. We get calls everyday from buyers, sellers, and realtors in regards to property mold. Take the steps above to ensure that mold remediation is needed and if so done properly by a professional. Yes, this may delay the transaction of selling or buying the property, but these steps are necessary.

Check out our service area and if the property you are selling or buying is located within, give us a call. You can fill out a contact form as well. We can answers any questions you have and refer you to a NYS Licensed Mold Assessor to get the process rolling. 

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