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9 mold myths & misconceptions

9 Mold Myths & Misconceptions

9 Mold Myths & Misconceptions | We’re exposed to mold spores every day, outdoors and indoors, and most of the time there is no cause for concern. However, when given the perfect environment of humid temperatures, a porous food source, and moisture, mold can grow on almost any surface inside your home. There are many misconceptions about mold and how to handle it. Below we will expose 9 mold myths and present you with the facts.

1. Use Bleach to Get Rid of Mold

There are so many different kinds of molds on Earth. While bleach may be successful on non porous surfaces, but on others it only removes the surface. Using bleach to get rid of mold could have its own health risks. This type of solution is not recommended by OSHA or the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

We recommend using a solution of dish detergent and warm water. This will not kill mold but it will clean away the mold on the surface. This solution is a safer alternative to using bleach.

For proper mold removal you should call a professional with antimicrobial cleaners that will kill mold.


9 mold myths & misconceptions

2. All Mold is Bad

Mold is everywhere and not all molds are dangerous to our health. Types of molds are used in medicines and in foods. 

Medicine: Penicillium mold naturally produces the antibiotic Penicillin which people use every day.

Food: Mold/fungus is an active ingredient in many soft and semi-soft cheeses such as blue cheese, Camembert, Brie, and Gorgonzola.

3. Mold is Only Dangerous When It's Black Mold

When people see dark colored mold they freak. This is due to black mold generally being a particular kind of mold called stachybotrys. Stacybotrys is considered a toxigenic mold. BAD!

However, not all dark colored molds produce toxic material, and not all toxigenic molds are black.

In fact, molds that are dangerous to your health can also be green, brown, yellow, or white, while some black-looking molds are less destructive.

The only way to know what type of mold you have is to have testing done by an environmental specialists.

4. You Only Have to Worry About Mold After a Water Leak

9 mold myths & misconceptions

The perfect environment for mold is a moisture source and porous materials, however, not all mold grow from a leak.

Humidity is cause by poor ventilation and improper setting of temperature. Below are areas in your home that are prone to mold growth.

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Attic

Anywhere that there is a higher level of heat and any amount of water can result in the perfect conditions for mold.

5. Once the Mold is Gone, It's Gone

Often, we think that once a problem has been solved, such as after a remediation service has eliminated the mold colony, there’s nothing more to worry about.

Unfortunately, this not not true. Like we said before mold spores are everywhere. When they are exposed to a perfect environment mold will begin to grow.

Prevention is the only way to keep mold at bay.

  • Reduce Humidity, Dehumidifier
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Fix Leaks
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6. You Can Clean Up Mold Yourself Effectively

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To properly get rid of mold you should hire a professional mold remediation company, like us at Northeast Property Restoration!

We will identify the cause, isolate the area to keep mold from spreading, clean/remove mold from the affected areas, and clean the air. 

A restoration company, like us, are licensed and certified to remove mold properly.

Professional equipment is necessary! A proper contamination unit should be set up, HEPA filtration units are needed, PPE, HEPA vacuums, and cleaning solutions.

7. A Little Bit of Mold is Nothing to Worry About

Tiny mold growth on a wall, pffff, just clean it with bleach and we’re good! WRONG!

A small spot of mold means there is a bigger problem. Underneath the surface of visible mold there could be a lot more growth.

Visible mold also shows that there can be a possible leak, poor ventilation, and high humidity.

Call us today for an inspection, to further investigate the source of mold and how bad it may be.

8. Mold Should Not Exist Within Your Home


Mold is everywhere and the only place where you could be free from mold would be in a bubble.

However, even though mold is everywhere that doesn’t mean mold should grow on your walls, floors, contents, and other surfaces.

If you see mold do not hesitate! Call us to inspect and assess the situation so the problem does not get worse.

9. Mold Makes People Sick

Mold affects people differently and these effects can vary. Some people can be allergic to the allergens formed by mold. These possible symptoms include:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bloody Nose

However, other people may have no reactions whatsoever.


Truth About Mold

As shown above there are many mold misconceptions. If you come across mold in your home give us a call! A professional opinion from a licensed mold remediation company will ease your mold worries.  

Mold is still not fully understood, research is still being done to further educate on types of mold and the effects. To learn more about mold and to conduct further research check out the links below:

Service Area:

Broome County, Tioga County, Tompkins County, Cortland County, Susquehanna County, Lakawanna County, Chenango County and more!

2 thoughts on “9 Mold Myths & Misconceptions”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Of course, it is better to prevent than to deal with the consequences. But if it’s too late, and a problem with mold has already appeared, you need to act without delay. Many underestimate the danger of mold, and as a result, they get persistent and serious health problems.


  2. It’s good to know that visible mold shows poor ventilation or a possible leak. I’ve noticed that there is some mold growing in my shower and I’m concerned about my health. I’ll have to call a mold removal service to get rid of that mold safely.

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