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winter weather property hazards

Winter Weather Property Hazards

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Some towns and cities around the country can shut down completely due to winter weather. Homeowners in colder climates should winterize their properties before a potential winter storm hits. 

Winter storms bring extreme cold, snow, high winds, and icy conditions. These can affect your property by potentially causing ice dams, frozen pipes, snow buildup, wind & hail damage, and even fires. Therefore, property owners should prepare so severe damage does not happen. 

1) Ice Dams

Ice Dams are formed by layers of snow and ice that buildup in the eaves of your roof and gutters. This buildup thus causes dams that block the water from flowing off your roof. This then can direct the water into you home down the interior walls. 


  • Inspect the roof for damage
  • Clear your gutters & downspouts of debris 
  • Install a water repellent membrane in your roof 
winter weather property prevention

2) Frozen Pipes

Northeast Property Restoration

When the weather gets colder pipes become vulnerable to freezing and bursting. This then causes property flooding and extensive damage. 


  • Insulate your pipes
  • Leave cabinets with plumbing open
  • Set your homes temperature above 55 degrees.

*The majority of jobs we service for pipe bursts are ones where the property is vacant for a period of time. 

3) Snow Buildup

Heavy snow can buildup around your property. If this buildup isn’t cleared away and rapid melting occurs you could end up with flooding in your basement. 


  • Remove the buildup 
  • Check your basement for crack or holes in the foundation
  • Clear pathways and entrances to avoid slipping and falling
winter weather property prevention

4) Wind Damage

winter weather property prevention

Winter storm winds can cause damage to the exterior of your property. Strong winds can cause damage to shingles or siding, break off tree limbs or take down trees, and could down power lines. 


  • Inspect your roof and repair/replace if needed 
  • Trim or have dead trees taken down 
  • Get a backup generator 

5) Hail Damage

Hail can be many sizes and can come down in high speeds. Hailstorms can cause damage to aluminum siding, shingles, gutters, and could crack your vinyl siding. 


  • Inspect and maintain your roof regularly
  • Replace your roof with one that is impact-resistant
  • Maintain trees and shrubbery 

6) Fires

fire damage cleanup

House fires are extremely common during harsh winter weather. This happens due to in increase in heating systems, poorly maintained furnaces, outdated electrical, and holiday cooking. 


  • Never leave heaters, fireplaces, or cooking unattended
  • Replace outdated electrical 
  • Install multiple smoke detectors throughout your property

7) Insurance Coverage

Challenges may arise when filing a winter weather related insurance claim. For ex. for frozen pipes, owners should be prepared to prove that the heat in the structure was being maintained and monitored.

Always make sure you have proof. Takes lots of pictures and document everything in relation to the damage. 

winter weather property prevention

Severe Winter Weather

Winter weather can cause severe damage to your home or property. Therefore, prevention is needed to avoid damage and extreme costs. Contact your insurance agent to find out exactly what is covered in your policy, that way if a situation does occur you wont be blindsided. 

*Lastly, don’t hesitate, put these prevention tips into action before potential devastation occurs. 

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