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Spring Home Checklist

Warmer weather is the perfect time to make sure your home is secure inside and out. By taking some time to ensure your home is in top shape you can avoid possible issues. Our Spring Home Checklist will allow you relax during the warmer months.

Home Inspection

This Spring Home Checklist will provide you with information on what to look for around the exterior and interior of your home. Grab some binoculars, a flashlight, and this checklist to start your own personal home inspection.




Inspect interior concrete for cracks or water stains. Fill any cracks with hydraulic cement to avoid possible flooding.



Replace your filter every three months. Schedule a service from an HVAC technician to have your system inspected. If your vents have not been cleaned in awhile have them serviced as well.

mold growth or efflorescence


Windows & Doors-

Inspect interior windows and doors. Check the seals for cracks & leaks of air. Re-caulk if needed.



Check Smoke & CO2 Detectors-

Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they are operating properly. Replace batteries or units.



Clean Carpet:

Carpets can harbor a lot of dust, dirt, and debris. Have our carpets professionally cleaned to remove potential health contaminants.



Clean Out Cabinets & Closets:

Throw out or donate any items to get rid of clutter. Doing this will open up space and refresh your home.




10 tips to prepare your home for winter


Inspect the shingles for cracks, holes, and any that are missing. As shown in our previous blog, holes in shingles can create roof leaks.




Check the exterior of your chimney for a worn seal and re-apply if necessary. Also have the interior of the chimney inspected and cleaned.



Check your gutters for twigs and other debris. Buildup can clog the gutters, allowing the water to leak down the homes surface. If water pools up near the foundation it could cause flooding.



Lawn Care-

Turn on the water to the water spigot and examine for leaks.

Trim limbs off trees if they extend over your home to avoid potential damage.


This Spring Home Checklist is a good start for maintaining your property. Spring is a great time to refresh your home and start the year off on a positive note. Take this checklist around your home and add anything else that you would like to accomplish around the house this Spring. 

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Broome County, Tioga County, Tompkins County, Cortland County, Susquehanna County, Lakawanna County, Chenango County and more!

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