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diy flood cleanup

DIY Flood Cleanup

DIY Flood Cleanup | Flood damage can happen anytime, without warning. Many homeowners may panic due to the possibility of extensive damage and tremendous costs. Therefore, attempting to DIY (do-it-yourself) the issue. 

Unwanted water intrusion needs to be mitigated fast, safely, and correctly. As a result, hiring a professional company is recommended. 

Before you decide to do-it-yourself read the information below. We will inform you on the dangers of DIY Flood Cleanup, as well as the mistakes you can make, thus costing you more in the future. 

1) Dangers of Flood Damage

Property flooding can happen at anytime and incite panic. Therefore, a homeowner may react before they think it through.

Water can contain many dangers: 

  1. Contamination- Cat 2: Grey water & Cat 3: Black Water
  2. Unstable Flooring
  3. Electrical Shock 
  4. Gas Leaks 
  5. Displaced Wildlife 
diy flood cleanup

2) Not Having the Right Equipment

diy flood cleanup

Companies that specialize in flood cleanup use professional grade equipment. Therefore, your mop and box fan may not be suffice. 

Equipment can always be rented, but it may not be used properly. Experts use the following: 

  • Air Movers- Snail Fans & Axial Fans 
  • Dehumidifier
  • Air-scrubber
  • Extractor 
  • Moisture Meter 
  • Specialized Wall & Floor Drying Systems 

3) Unsuccessful Dry-Out

Visible water may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that its not below the surface.

Porous materials such a wood, drywall, and fabric are very hard to dry-out. This results in structural damage and mold growth. 

Professional companies will use moisture meters. These meters can show if a material contains moisture. Without this, wet material may be left behind. 

diy flood cleanup

4) Where Did the Water Come From?

Northeast Property Restoration

The source of the water needs to be determined and solved. Without removing the source, the water will continue to intrude your property. 

A Plumber should be called to address and fix: Drain backups, pipe leaks/bursts, etc.

A Foundation Specialist should be called to address and fix: Cracks, exterior drainage, etc.

Time and money spent may be wasted if the source is not taken care of before the water mitigation.

5) Avoid DIY Flood Cleanup

There are many DIY projects that any homeowner can handle. Most of them pay off financially and emotionally.

However, flood damage is different.

The stakes with flood cleanup are too high and the timetable is too urgent to DIY. Without the proper training, equipment, and knowledge DIY flood cleanup should be avoided. 

diy flood cleanup

Call the Experts!

Call on professionals! At Northeast Property Restoration we have expert technicians that are certified and trained in flood damage cleanup. We are a 24/7 emergency response service. This means you’ll get a fast response from an expert no matter the day or time. We also have  professional grade equipment ready to dry-out your property properly. 

Disaster Recovery Service Area:

Broome County, Tioga County, Tompkins County, Cortland County, Susquehanna County, Chenango County and more!

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