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8 home tips for staying cool

8 Home Tips to Staying Cool

8 Home Tips to Staying Cool | Hot summer weather has arrived bringing the heat and humidity. During the summer months many homeowners have devices to help cool their homes. However, with running these devices you can acquire a costly energy bill.

There are many ways to keep cool without breaking the bank. Below are some great home tips to keep your home and family cool during these hot summer days.

1. Clear & Clean Vents and Ducts

Clear furniture from vents if you have a central air system. Blocked will prevent the house from cooling.

Vent and duct cleaning should also be done to remove any dust or debris that might be clogging them up. Cleaning your HVAC system will allow it to run better and more efficiently.

2. Change or Clean the Air Filter

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It is very important to clean or replace your air filter at least every three months.

Maintaining your HVAC system will keep the air in your home cleaner, save energy, and extend the life span of your homes system.

3. Keep A/C Unit Clear

Outside vines, weeds, and other debris can clog the ac unit thus causing it to run poorly. Make sure to check the outside of your air conditioner and rid it from blockage.

Air conditioners have filters that should also be cleaned of changed. Dust and dander can clog the filter and decrease its efficiency.

4. Set the Thermostat Higher

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Do not lower your thermostat! Lowering the temperature will waste more energy and is not necessary.This is a must if you have central air.

Keep the thermostat temperature between 75 – 78 degrees.



5. Close or Partially Close Registers

basement vents should stay closed in the summer months. Basements are already cool and most likely unused if unfinished. Thus, directing cold air to them would be a waste of energy.

Some homes have areas that are rarely used. By partially closing  vents in these areas you can redirect the cool air to rooms where it is needed the most.


6. Keep Your Curtains Closed

Summer brings a lot of sunshine. Homes or room without curtains will heat up fast with the sun shining through.

If you expect a sunny day you should close your curtains in the morning. This will help your home stay cool.

Keeping your windows covered will also reduce the usage of your air conditioner.

8 home tips to staying cool

7. Try Not to Use the Oven

8 home tips to staying cool

The last thing anyone wants to do on a hot summer day is cook. Turning on the oven or cooking anything on the stove will warm your home up significantly.

Therefore, try to make meals that include little to no cooking to avoid an unbearably warm home.

8. Use Ceiling Fans or Purchase Window Fans

Ceiling fans have a reversible feature that can be adjusted with the season. In the summer you want your fan to spin forcing the cool air down.

If your home doesn’t have ceiling fans you can always purchase a standup fan or a window fan.

While running your air conditioner you should also turn on your fans. This will circulate the cool air throughout your home.

Now Stay Cool

Hot temperatures can make any day unbearable. Cleaning your vents, closing your curtains, and using ceiling fans are just some of the easy ways to help you and your home stay cool during the hot summer months. Stay cool!

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