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importance of dehumidifiers

Importance of Dehumidifiers

Importance of Dehumidifiers

Household dehumidifiers are extremely important to have in your property. They help your home maintain preferred humidity levels.

They remove excess moisture from within the air, which prevents possible mold and bacteria from growing.

Dehumidifiers are extremely important in damp environments like a basement or crawlspace.

Not only do dehumidifiers help your home, they also prevent issues to your health!

importance of dehuidifiers

Why Do I Need a Dehumidifier?


If your home has a basement or crawlspace you should have a dehumidifier.

Do not wait to find issues before purchasing a dehumidifier. You should but one right away.

If you do have a dehumidifier and notice issues it may be time to purchase a new one designed for that space. This issues include:

  • Stains that are present on walls or ceiling.

  • The room feels stuffy and heavy.

  • Windows have condensation.

  • Odors that are musty and unpleasant.

  • Visible mold growth.

What Kind of Dehumidifier Should I Purchase?

Dehumidifiers have many benefits for your home and for your health. They eliminate potentially dangerous issues that can affect your home, family and your pets.

However, there are many dehumidifiers on the market. Before making a purchase you should conduct research. There are several thing that you should keep in mind so you can make the right decision for your home. These include mold prevention, improve the air quality, eliminate dust, budget, size of space, efficiency, and more. 

1. Mold Prevention

Mold is everywhere, but mold found indoors is a nightmare.

Mold can become dangerous by invading your homes structure and can compromise your health.

Your homes humidity should not increase 50%. 50% humidity and higher is an ideal environment for mold. A dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture and prevent mold from growing.

2. Improve Air Quality

In our last blog post we discussed the importance of indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers play an important role in improving your homes air.

  1. Removes excess moisture.
  2. Prevents mold growth.
  3. Improves your health.
  4. Helps remove dust mites.
importance of dehumidifiers

3. Dust Mite Elimination

importance of dehumidifiers

Household dust mites thrive in humid climates. Thus, by having a dehumidifier the dust mites would not have a perfect environment to live.

Dust mites can cause allergies to flare up and cause allergy like symptoms.

4. Protects Your Home

High humidity levels can destroy your home’s structure.

Without a dehumidifier high humidity can cause moisture. This moisture can warp, crack, or split framing. 

Mold can also grow in walls, therefore, will be left unseen until the growth gets worse.

5. Different Sizes

There are many different sizes of dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers remove moisture in terms of pint capacity.

  • Small Rooms: Bathrooms or laundry rooms, 25-40 pint dehumidifier
  • Mid-Sized Rooms: Bedrooms, 40-59 pint dehumidifier
  • Large Rooms: Living rooms, 60+ pint dehumidifier
  • Basements, Garages & Crawlspaces: MOST IMPORTANT 60+ pint dehumidifier, or a specially-designed units for these areas

If you have larger room sizes than average you may wan to invest in a commercial grade dehumidifier.

6. Budget

It is important to do your research before you make dehumidifier purchase.

There are many different sizes and types of dehumidifiers. You want to pick one based on your homes needs, price, and size.

  • Larger capacity units are generally more expensive, because of their ability to treat vast spaces.
  • Name brands will generally be more expensive due to quality and reputation.
  • Do not skimp on a dehumidifier. You get what you paid for.

7. Energy Efficiency Can Save Money

Purchase a unit with an Energy Star rating.

An energy star rating means that the dehumidifier will be energy conscious. Energy Star ratings can cut your utility costs.


Now Go Out and Get a Dehumidifier

Now that you learned about dehumidifiers and there importance, go out and make your purchase. Take account your homes needs, your family’s needs, budget and efficiency. With this information deciding on a dehumidifier should be much easier. 

A dehumidifier will ultimately help your home and it’s environment be the best it can be.

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