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8 best smart home devices

8 Best Smart Home Devices

8 Best Smart Home Devices | Even the most cautious homeowners can experience flooding, fire, or burglary in their homes. With advancements in technology it is possible to lower the risks of these potential problems.

Smart home devices can detect potential issues before they become a major disaster. These devices connect to your Wi-Fi and will send you alerts to your smartphone. Below are the best smart home devices you can have to help prevent issues.

1. Smart Water Leak Detectors

These devices are battery-operated and are placed near your homes plumbing fixtures and appliances. Place them by sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and water heaters.

If a leak is detected the device will sound an alarm if your home or you can have an alert sent to your smartphone.

High grade smart leak detectors come with automatic shut-off valves.


2. Smart Fire Detectors

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Everyone should have a fire alarm in there home. These alarms however only go off when smoke is detected and alarm.

Smart fire detectors can detect a fast and extreme rise in temperature.

Not only will the device alarm, it with also send an alert to your smartphone. This is very helpful if you are not home.

3. Smart CO2 & Smoke Detectors

Just like normal CO2 and smoke detectors they with alarm if they detect smoke or CO2. However, these smart devices can also alert your smartphone.

If you have a  smart home security system you can connect them. This will alert your smartphone as well as the fire department in an emergency.

High end smart smoke detectors can shut down your entire HVAC system. Which will prevent smoke from spreading to other areas of the home.

4. Smart Home Security

8 best smart home devices

A smart home security system connects to your Wi-Fi so you can monitor and control all of your security devices with your smartphone.

Smart home security with help keep your home and contents safe.

Most systems include door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a main hub that can connect them all. 

More features include door locks, garage door openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights, and sirens.

5. Smart Oven Shut Off Devices

Unattended cooking is the # 1 cause of house fires. An automatic oven shut-off smart device can help prevent these fires.

There are some devices that are a knob installed on the oven and others that are a installed into cabinets.

A smart oven shut-off device automatically turns off the stove-top or oven when cooking is left unattended.

These devices use a motion sensor that knows if you are in the kitchen. Once you leave the kitchen the device starts a timer. If you don’t come back for a long period of time the oven or stove with shut off.

6. Smart Outlets

8 best smart home devices

Say you left your home and you are worried that you forgot to shut off an appliance or lights, what do you do? Usually you would have to drive all the way back home.

Smart outlets can be turned off with your smartphone. Wherever you are you can use the app to shut off the outlet the device is plugged into.

Smart outlets can also be turned off and on with voice control if connected  to a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

7. Smart Lights & Solar Powered Lights

Smart lights can be installed in the interior and exterior of your home.

These smart lights have a timer that you can set to turn on and off when you are away. You can also use your smartphone to turn on and off lights.

These light will help avoid burglary to your home when you are not there.

Solar lights can help you save energy and money over time. But they can also help during an emergency.

Solar powered lights will save you from frantically looking for your flashlight when the power goes out.

8. Smart Watch Tracker

Have you ever had a scare in the supermarket where your child has wandered into another isle and you couldn’t find them? Many people have.

Smart watch trackers help keep track of your child so you will never have to worry. The child’s location will be broadcasted and available to an app on your smartphone. Some of these trackers also have the ability to make calls.

Smart Home

Coming home to a disaster is devastating. But with smart home devices you can be worry free and avoid these potential disasters. Smart home technology is reliable and responsive. When choosing devices do your research for the best options for your home and family.


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