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10 end of summer home tips

10 End of Summer Home Tips

10 End of Summer Home Tips | As Labor day approaches and summer comes to an end,  it’s a great time to conduct maintenance on your property. These tips can help you save money, prepare, and keep your mind at ease during the fall/winter months.

To make sure that your property is maintained, you can tackle these 10 home maintenance tips below.

1. Inspection of HVAC System

Does your family suffer from allergies? If you don’t clean your air ducts regularly, they could make your family’s allergies worse. 

HVAC preventive maintenance should be performed twice a year.

HVAC preparation can help increase the performance and help you avoid costly emergency repairs.  Air filters should be replaced at least once every three months. Dirty filters can cause your system to work harder, resulting in lower efficiency.

10 end of summer home tips

2. Clean the Carpets


How much traffic does your carpet get?

If your homes carpet gets a lot of foot traffic you should get it cleaned professionally every 6 months. With limited foot traffic you should have them leaned once a year.

Dogs and cats leave hair and pet dander in your carpet. Frequent vacuuming is good but what about bacteria brought in from your pets. Therefore, professional carpet cleaning every 6-9 months is recommended. definitely get it professionally cleaned every 6-9 months. 

3. Install Insulation

Insulation is very important during winter months. Many older homes constructed with plaster and lath do not have any insulation. If this is the case you may want to have your walls re-done and updated with insulation and drywall. 

For a less expensive fix you can add insulation to your attic as well as your basement ceiling to help assist with the cold. 

Pipe insulation is also highly recommended to avoid a potential pipe leak or burst. 

4. Repair Driveways & Walkways

Inspect your driveway and surrounding sidewalks for any cracks or breaks.   

Concrete can be porous, therefore when there is cracks water from rain and snow can seep below the surface. The water can then freeze which expands therefore causing the concrete to crack more. 

Fill the cracks and fix loose pavement for a temporary fix. If you are proactive in repairing the  damage, the longer it will last without expensive refinishing. 

5. Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are susceptible to bacteria due to food being prepared and disposed of.

  • Clean out your refrigerator, throw away expired and unused items
  • Clean the garbage disposal, bacteria can build up
  • Scrub the inside of the oven
  • Mop and scrub floor
  • Clean dishwasher and check for potential leaks 
10 end of summer home tips

6. Clean Bathroom

10 end of summer home tips

Bathrooms are also bacteria prone areas and can harbor mold. 

  • Scrub toilet, tub, and sink
  • Mop and scrub floor
  • Check for leaks 
  • Reseal bathtub
  • Run the exhaust fan while you shower and keep running for 30 mins after

7. Clean Gutters

Gutter debris can buildup and potentially cause an ice dam. An ice dam can cause water to pool up on your roof which can then leak into your home. 

To avoid issues be sure to remove leaves and twigs or hire a company to inspect and clean your gutters for you. 

Install extenders on your downspouts to ensure that water will flow far away from your homes foundation. 


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8. Inspect Basement

Northeast Property Restoration

Basements are susceptible to water damage and mold growth. It is very important to maintain this area to avoid issues all throughout your home. 

Foundation cracks and elevated humidity can cause water intrusion and mold growth.  Cracks repairs and waterproofing can help save your property from severe damage and an expensive bill.

At Northeast Property Restoration we specialize in water damage cleanup and mold removal. We offer free inspections and estimates where we can help determine the best steps to take in remediating basement issues. 

9. Inspect Roof

Roofs are always exposed to weather, therefore they are prone to damage. 

Have your roof inspected for holes, cracks, breaks, or missing shingles. Fix these issues to avoid water intrusion and possible mold growth. 

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10. Caulk Windows

Insulation and heat only work efficiently if your home is sealed properly. 

  • Check windows for drafts an re-caulk or replace
  • Exterior doors should have weather stripping 
  • Door draft sand bags can also be placed at the bottom of your doors to keep heat in and the cold out

Now Get Started!

Most of these tips can be completed over a weekend by yourself or done quickly by a hired professional. At Northeast Property Restoration we offer HVAC cleaning as well as inspections for water, fire, and mold damage. We would be happy to help prepare your home for the fall and winter months ahead.

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