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6 reasons to install a dehumidifier

6 Reasons to Install A Vapor Barrier

6 Reasons to Install a Vapor Barrier | Crawlspace vapor barriers are a valuable addition to your home. However, many homeowners do not have one installed.  

Basements and crawlspaces are the number one place in a home for moisture issues. Without a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier your home and health can suffer damage. 

What is a Vapor Barrier?

A crawlspace vapor barrier prevents ground moisture entering your home.

The barrier is usually made of 12 mil polyurethane sheeting. This heavy plastic covers the floor and walls of the crawlspace. This plastic is then seamed together and pined in place.

Before a vapor barrier is placed cracks or damage to the foundation needs to be addressed and fixed. 


Why Should I Have a Vapor Barrier Installed?

There are several reasons why you need to install crawlspace vapor barriers:

As moisture and humidity increases in a crawlspace it creates the perfect damp environment for mold and mildew to grow. 

A mold infestation can impact the value of your home drastically. If the mold is not found or removed ASAP it can spread. Mold removal can be a very costly expense to get professionally removed. 

Not only does mold cause structural damage it can also cause health issues. 


2. Energy

Increased moisture in your home impacts the temperature. Moisture impacts the humidity level of your home, making it hotter or cooler than it should be.

With indoor temperatures increasing due too humidity you may be running your air conditioner more frequently. This than increases your energy costs.


3. Reduce Electrical Hazards

Moisture and electrical systems do not go good together. Moisture can lead to electrical shorts and rusted wires. 

Failing to reduce the moisture within your crawlspace or basement there is an increased risk of fire or electrocution. 

4. Preserve Pipes

A crawlspace usually has  multiple pipes for your water and sewer lines.

If moisture is present on the pipes it can cause them to rust. Once pipes rust they are more susceptible to cracks and breaks. 


5. Prevents Structural Damage

Crawlspace moisture can cause the wood to rot. Rotted wood can cause structural damage, thus leading to costly repairs.



6. Keeps Critters Out

Crawlspace moisture can attract unwanted critters. These animals and insects could then cause damage to your homes’ structure.

The wood material, high humidity, temperature, and dirt floor make the crawlspace environment almost identical to the outdoor environment. 

Mice, termites, spiders, beetles, snakes etc are common to move right into your crawlspace. 


spider crawlspace

Keep A Look Out

Keep a look out for signs of moisture beneath your house. If you notice the following you need to get a vapor barrier installed ASAP!

Standing Water in your Crawlspace

Peeling Exterior Paint

Musty Smell

Mold and Mildew on the Walls and Flooring of Upper Levels 

Rotting Wood on the Crawlspace Ceiling

Rusted Pipes in the Crawlspace

Allergy like Health Symptoms


importance of dehuidifiers

Your home’s basement or crawlspace should always have a dehumidifier to help reduce moisture. With both the vapor barrier and a dehumidifier a home will be protected from moisture issues. 

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