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10 things that home insurance wont cover

10 Things Home Insurance Won't Cover

10 Things Home Insurance Won’t Cover | Homeowners insurance coverage helps with repairs and replacement from damage such as a fire, theft, pipe leaks and more. However, incidents that could have been prevented, like untreated water damage that leads to mold growth, will not be covered.  

Homeowners insurance can be confusing on what is actually going to be covered. Make sure you understand your policy and get additional add-ons if you believe they are necessary. Below are ten surprising home scenarios that your insurance will not likely cover.

1. Earthquakes, Sinkholes, & Landslides

Earth movements such as earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslide are not covered.

However, you can get separate policies for these events. If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, like California, you may want to purchase an additional policy.

10 things home insurance wont cover

2. Flooding

Flooding that’s caused by natural disasters is unlikely going to be covered.

However, accidental flooding caused by a leaky pipe is usually covered.

A separate flood insurance policy is needed. You can purchase this policy from The National Flood Insurance Program which is run by FEMA.

Sewage backups are caused by main line clogs, tree roots, heavy rainfall, and damage to the sewer lines, are excluded from the policy.

To cover these events, you have to purchase another policy.

Sewer backups caused within the home are normally covered by a basic homeowners policy.

4. Termite Damage


In the United States termites can cause about $5 billion in damage each year, and is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Taking measures to prevent the problem on your own is the best option to avoid this type of damage. This includes:

Trimming back trees, repair your roof, and avoid ice dams

If termites are common in your home still, call pest control to help the problem.

Mold is usually not covered by homeowners insurance. The source of mold growth is moisture.

If water damage is not cleaned ASAP mold will begin to grow. This is categorized as neglect from the homeowner and therefore uncovered.

Make sure you clean up water damage the right way and as soon as possible to avoid a costly expense.

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6. Construction Damage

Homeowners insurance will not cover damage that occurs from home construction. However, you can get separate insurance for that.

When hiring a company make sure that they are licensed Also, when hiring a contractor, make sure they are licensed and have liability insurance.

7. Jewelry & Art

Jewelry and art that is stolen or damaged in your home due to a disaster such a a fire or burglary, is covered. However, they most likely will not be covered in full.

If you have very valuable items in your home you’ll need separate insurance for those items.

Even though payouts are limited, make sure to document all items in your home. This will help provide proof that the items existed.


8. Stolen Cash

DO NOT stash large amounts of cash around your home. Policy’s normally cap around $200 when it comes to stolen cash. (Check your policy to verify)

Keep cash at the bank or in a secured safe in your home!

9. Outdoor Fun

A homeowners insurance premium may go up if you have “high risk” items on your property.

These items include diving boards, trampolines, and some playground equipment. Some insurances WILL NOT provide you coverage if you have these “high risk” items.


10. Nuclear Accidents

In the United States about three million people live 10 miles of from a nuclear power plant. Homeowners insurance does not cover you home if they is ever an accident at the plant.

In 1957 the Price-Anderson Act was passed to protect you if this ever occurred.

Nuclear accidents and damage from biological, chemical, or radioactive weapons of war are labeled “fundamentally un-insurable”.

Check Your Policy

To help understand what your homeowners policy covers contact your agent. Have a list of questions ready to ask them. If you want or need additional coverage let your agent know.

Losing everything in a disaster can be devastating, especially when you are not compensated! Therefore, make sure your home and items are covered.

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